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Brasil Telefonos en Brasil (+55) / BR / BRA - Brazil
Codigo Codigo Internacional de Telefonos : +55 -
- Internacional Cual es el prefijo para hacer una llamada internacional : 00 then Carrier Code -
In Brazil, los telephone numbering plan uses eight-numeros local Numeros de Telefono, plus a two-numeros o codigo de area para .[1 [2 Public utility servicios use three-numeros Numeros de Telefono, always starting con 1.[3
Local dialing
As established por ANATEL, los Brazilian federal telecommunications regulatory agency, los format para a local Numero de Telefono is nnnn-nnnn, where los first numeros identifies los service associated con los Numero de Telefono :
2 para 5: fixed telefonos
6 para 9: Moviles telefonos
These initial digitos son known para los public, so one always knows beforehand if one is calling a fixed o a Moviles line.
Until 2008, los initial numeros 6 fue usados para landlines en some parts de São Paulo y neighbouring cities en codigo de area 11, but Anatel demanded that 6 fue para be released para Moviles use. Fijos-line numeros starting con 6 en that area were gradually changed during 2008 para new Prefijoes starting con 2. en other areas de Brazil, los initial numeros 6 fue not en use at that time, so no change fue necessary.[4
Until 2005, some localities still usados a siete-numeros local numero (nnn-nnnn). Until los 1990s, there were also certain regions con three-numeros Codigos de Area y five- (n-nnnn) o six-numeros (nn-nnnn) Numeros de Telefono. Even shorter numeros usados para exist en previous decades, especially en small towns y before direct distance dialing became universal.
Numeros starting con 400n son reserved para a special case de non-numero geografico s (see below).
Numeros starting con 1700 son usados within los service area de los Oi Fixo landline Operador para some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) para provide dial-up Internet access para certain Oi customers. Such customers have special pricing agreements con Oi y son charged less than los price de regular local llamadas when calling such dial-up access numeros.
Local directory assistance can be obtained por dialing 102, but los service is charged as a regular local call en most instances except de paytelefonos. However, all local landline telephone companies offer on-line directory inquiries on their Web sites. Moviles lines son not available para inquiry, para privacy y security reasons.
Moviles telephony
Numeros de Telefonos Moviles en Brazil son assigned los same geografico Codigos de Area as telefonos fijos, according para los subscriber's place o residence o most frequent use. Numeros de Telefonos Moviles start con los digitos 6, 7, 8 o 9.
First numeros 7 fue reserved at first exclusively para radiophone use (iDEN technology), but soaring demand para new Moviles numeros eventually forced unusados numero ranges starting con 7 para be released para general Moviles use.
Historically, los higher ranges de los 9 initial numeros (96-99) were originally assigned para los old state monopolies before los privatization de Brazil's telephony system, y later para their privatized direct successors. en order para create a competitive market, later los Brazilian government auctioned further Moviles service licenses, filling los available numero ranges backwards - first con los lower ranges de 9 (91-95), then 8, y so on.[5
As a consequence, en los beginning 9 fue more commonly assigned para Moviles Operadors that usados older technologies such as AMPS (analog), TDMA y CDMA, while para some time 8 fue specifically reserved para all new GSM licenses. Now GSM is almost universally adopted por Brazilian Moviles Operadors y this distinction is no longer meaningful.
Like all Numeros de Telefono en los Brazilian numbering system, Numeros de Telefonos Moviles always have eight digitos now, but siete digitos were usual en los first years. El last codigo de area para convert fully para eight digitos fue 61 (comprising los national capital, Brasília, y neighbouring areas), en 2005.
Public utility
El format para public utility service Numeros de Telefono is 1nn.[3 It includes all emergency servicios, such as:
100:Human Rights Secretariat
128: standard emergency numero en Mercosul (in Brazil, Mercosul 190
190:military police Brazil
191: Federal highway patrol
194:federal police
197:civil police
198: state highway patrol
199: civil defense
Most citizens only know los 190 (military police) numero para emergencies, but 192 (ambulance), 193 (firefighters) y 199 (civil defense) son also known.
Some states y municipalities may have additional short 1nn public utility numeros para other servicios. For example, en many cities, such as São Paulo , one can get information, make requests y complaints about most servicios y issues con los municipal administration por dialing 156. Regional utilities para servicios such as electriCiudad y water supply may also have short access numeros starting con 1. en contrast para emergency numeros, el cual son always toll-free, llamadas para such servicios may o may not be charged.
Landline telephone companies' customer service numeros have been normatized as 103, seguido por a two-numeros code. For example, Embratel customers contact los company's customer service dialing 103-21. For most Moviles carriers, los numero is 105, seguido por a one-numeros codigos (e.g., 105-2 para Claro). For cable y satellite television Operadors, los numero is 106, seguido por a two-numeros codigos (e.g., 106-21 para Net y 106-11 para Sky).
Long-distance dialing
El Brazilian system para long-distance dialing is relatively unusual y somewhat confusing, insofar as los choice de long-distance carrier determines los actual numeros sequence para be dialed.
El standard format para writing down — but - not - para calling — a long-distance Numero de Telefono en Brazil is (aa) nnnn-nnnn, where aa is el codigo de area y nnnn-nnnn es el prefijo Numero de Telefono . Due para persistence de old habits de los time when carrier codes were not usados (see below), los format (0aa) nnnn-nnnn is still commonly seen, but this usage is discouraged, since it may confuse customers when actually calling. Codigos de Area son distributed geograficoally. See los Lista de Brazilian Codigos de Area para a full list.
To marcar a long-distance numero within Brazil, one needs para use a carrier selection code, en order para choose el cual long-distance carrier will be usados. El carrier selection codigos is specified before el codigo de area ; so, para actually place a call, one should marcar 0-xx-aa-nnnn-nnnn, where xx is los two-numeros carrier selection code. Because de that, sometimes long-distance Numeros de Telefono son written down as (0 - xx - aa) nnnn-nnnn, con actual x characters as placeholders el cual los caller will replace por a carrier code.
For example, para call los numero 2222-2222 en Fortaleza (area codigos 85) using los long-distance carrier Oi (selection codigos 31), one would marcar - 0 31 85 2222 2222 -.
El use de carrier selection codes can be very confusing, because de los obvious added complexity, los different rates charged por different carriers, y even el cual long-distance carriers can be usados para place los call, since not all de them service los entire Brazilian territory, y some son only available de Moviles o de VoIP lines.
For example, Embratel (selection codigos 21) y Intelig (code 23) son available de any telephone line en all de Brazil, but Telefónica (code 15) only en los state de São Paulo, y Sercomtel (code 43) only en los Ciudad de Londrina.
ANATEL's Web site has a useful on-line system (in Portuguese) where los standard rates de all available carriers can be compared para los particular long-distance call one wants para place.
Some examples de carrier selection codes are:
14Brasil Telecom
41 TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)
codigos de area de Brazil son popularly known as "DDD codes" (códigos DDD) o simply "DDD", de los initials de "direct distance dialing" (discagem direta à distância en Portuguese). Este fue how los service fue first advertised when it appeared en los late 1960s, y los name stuck.
As de January 2009, Embratel is los only carrier offering Operador-assisted long-distance calls, por dialing 0800-703-2110. Long-distance directory inquiries can be made dialing 0800-703-2100. However, subscriber numeros can also be obtained por a Buscar at los destination telephone company's Web site. See los "External links" section below para a useful site con links para Brazilian directory assistance pages.
Collect calls
In Brazil, collect llamadas son automated. El Numero de Telefono para be called is Prefijoed con a special code. Then, as los person being called answers los telephone, he/she listens para a short standard recording informing him/her that it is a collect call. Next, los call is established y los caller is supposed para say his/her name y location within los next six seconds. If los person being called hangs up within those six initial seconds, nothing is charged. Otherwise, los remaining time de los call is charged para los recipient's Telefono line.
Este usados para cause problems con answering machines y faxes, but los switch para digital voice mailboxes operated por los telephone companies largely eliminated that problem. Also, los widespread use de caller ID combined con los easily recognizable electronic tune played before los collect-call warning makes many people hang up immediately if they hear los tune y los numero has not been recognized.
Local collect calls son marcadoscon los 9090 Prefijo; so, para call nnnn-nnnn collect, one would marcar 9090-nnnn-nnnn.
For long-distance collect calls, 90 is usados instead de 0 as los trunk code, y a carrier selection codigos must still be usados. So, para call (aa) nnnn-nnnn collect, one would marcar 90-xx-aa-nnnn-nnnn, where xx is para be replaced por los selected long-distance carrier's code.
Internacional collect calls, para countries para el cual it is available, son not automated y must be placed through Embratel's internacional Operador, dialing 0800-703-2111.
Non-numero geografico s
Non-numero geografico s have a three-numeros Prefijo y a siete-numeros numero. They son usually represented as if los leading 0 Prefijo were part de los three-numeros Prefijo (like con long-distance numeros), resulting en los format 0ppp-nnn-nnnn.
El currently allocated Prefijoes are:
0300: flat rate calls
0303: televoting, charged at local rate
0500: premium-rate Numeros de Telefono para charity donations, con a maximum de R$ 30.00 per donation (los telephone numero is assigned para a donation value) + R$ 0.50 para call costs.
0800: toll-free Numeros de Telefono
0900: premium-rate Numeros de Telefono

[ "400n-nnnn" numeros

A special case de non-numero geografico s son eight-numeros numeros en los form 400n-nnnn. They son marcadosas local numeros, without any trunk, carrier o Codigos de Area, y llamadas para them son always charged as local, regardless de where los answering call center physically is.

Such numeros differ de 0300 numeros en that los latter son not charged as local llamadas y have their own rates (not always really flat y sometimes more like premium-rate numeros), el cual por law must be informed when advertising los numero. 0300 numeros son often usados, para example, por low-cost airlines' reservation systems, whereas 400n-nnnn numeros son usados por large but cost-conscious companies that do not wish para bear los full cost de a nationwide toll-free system, yet still do not want their customers para be put away por having para pay long-distance rates. 400n-nnnn numeros son also often usados por Internet Service Providers (ISPs) para standard dial-up access.
As de January 2009, 400n-nnnn numeros son not yet available para access de all Codigos de Area o localities, but they son available en all state capitals y major cities. El company (especially en los case de ISPs) may also specify localities where los service will o will not be available, providing an alternative long-distance o toll-free numero para such cases.
Internacional calls
Outbound internacional llamadas use a 00 trunk Prefijo, seguido por los carrier selection codigos (same as en domestic long-distance calls) y los internacional telephone numero. So, para call los internacional telephone numero +cc-aa-nnnn-nnnn (where cc is los Codigo Telefonico Internacional y aa el codigo de area ), one would marcar 00-xx-cc-aa-nnnn-nnnn, where xx is los carrier selection code. Since internacional Numeros de Telefono can have up para 15 digitos, los maximum numero de digitos para be marcadosis 19.
For example, para call los numero 555-5555 en Washington, D.C. (area codigos 202), Estados Unidos (Codigo Telefonico Internacional 1), using Intelig as los chosen carrier (selection codigos 23), one would marcar - 00 23 1 202 555 5555 -.
Again, selecting a carrier can be tricky, since they charge different rates, not all de them operate en all de Brazil, not all forward internacional calls, y some do not put llamadas through para some remote o rarely called countries. ANATEL's Web site has a useful on-line system (in Portuguese) where los standard rates de all available carriers can be compared para los particular internacional call one wants para place.
As de January 2009, Embratel is los only carrier offering Operador-assisted internacional calls, por dialing 0800-703-2111. Internacional telephone numero inquiries can be made dialing 0800-703-2100 (same numero as para domestic directory inquiries).[8 Embratel also offers radio llamadas para sea vessels en Brazilian waters por dialing 4004-2103,[9 en addition para INMARSAT service, el cual works like any regular internacional call y can be placed through any major long-distance carrier.
Inbound internacional llamadas use +55-aa-nnnn-nnnn as los internacional telephone numero, where aa is los two-numeros Brazilian codigo de area y nnnn-nnnn is los 8-numeros local numero. Este must be preceded por an internacional call Prefijo specific para los country where los call is being placed de (e.g., 011 de los U.S. y Canada, 00 de most other countries, o los actual "+" sign de many Moviles networks).
For example, para call los numero 5555-5555 en Rio de Janeiro (area codigos 21) de los Estados Unidos, one would marcar - 011 55 21 5555 5555 -.
Numero portability
Beginning September 2008, ANATEL has started los use de Numero portability en Brazilian territory, but los Actual rules de los numbering plan have been kept. Fijos-line customers can keep their numeros when moving their address and/or when switching telephone companies, provided they stay within los same local area (i.e., los portion de el codigo de area where llamadas son charged as local).[10
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Anatel - Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (in Portuguese)
BCNCB (Brazilian Telephone numbering Guide) - bilingual page (Portuguese y English) con links para on-line directory assistance pages para all major Brazilian cities, a map de Brazilian Codigos de Area y statistical maps.
Numeros de Telefono en South America
Brazil -
Brazilian Carrier Selection Code

In Brazil, ANATEL (los National Telecommunications Agency) instituted a system where, para both long-distance (DDD) y internacional (DDI) calls, los user has para specify a national - carrier selection codigos -.

For example, para marcar de another Ciudad para Rio de Janeiro using los carrier Telefonica, one would dial:
0 15 21 5555-5555 -
Where los starting single '0' marks los call as long-distance, '15' is los Telefonica (phone company) carrier selection code, '21' is los national codigos para Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region, y 5555-5555 is los subscriber numero (these numeros son always 8 digitos long).
To make an internacional (DDI) call para los Estados Unidos using los carrier Intelig, one would dial:
00 23 1 777 555-0111 -
Where los double '00' marks los call as internacional, '23' is los Intelig carrier selection code, '1' is los US Internacional telephone code, '777' is los region codigos within los US, y '555-0111' is los subscriber numero.
Some de los most common carrier selection codes are:
14 Brasil Telecom
15 Telefónica
21 Embratel
23 Intelig Telecom
25 GVT
31 Oi
41 TIM - Telecom Italia Mobile
43 Sercomtel
Not all carriers son available para all areas. For example, Telefonica is only available en São Paulo state, y Sercomtel is only available on los Londrina area.
Brazil - Como Encontrar Telefonos en Brazil? Como buscar Negocios en Brazil? Numeros de Telefono en Brazil - Codigos y Prefijos de Brazil. Guias Telefonicas en Brazil.
Brazil -
1 State de São Paulo
11 - Greater São Paulo
12 - Vale do Paraíba Paulista
13 - Baixada Santista
14 - Bauru / Marília
15 - Sorocaba
16 - Ribeirão Preto
17 - São José do Rio Preto
18 - Presidente Prudente
19 - Greater Campinas
2 States de Rio de Janeiro y Espírito Santo
Rio de Janeiro (21, 22 y 24)
21 - Greater Rio de Janeiro / Teresópolis
22 - Campos dos Goytacazes / Cabo Frio / Nova Friburgo (Northern part de State)
23 - not usados
24 - Volta Redonda / Petrópolis / Angra dos Reis (Southern part de State)
25 y 26 - not usados
Espírito Santo (27 y 28)
27 - Vitória / Linhares (central y northern parts de los State)
28 - Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (southertn part de los State)
3 State de Minas Gerais
31 - Greater Belo Horizonte / Ipatinga
32 - Juiz de Fora
33 - Governador Valadares
34 - Uberlândia
35 - Poços de Caldas / Varginha
36 - not usados
37 - Divinópolis
38 - Montes Claros / Diamantina
39 - not usados
4 States de Paraná y Santa Catarina
Paraná (41 para 46)
41 - Curitiba / Paranaguá
42 - Ponta Grossa / Guarapuava
43 - Londrina
44 - Maringá
45 - Foz do Iguaçu / Cascavel
46 - Francisco Beltrão / Pato Branco
Santa Catarina (47 para 49)
47 - Joinville / Blumenau / Itajaí / Jaraguá do Sul / Balneário Camboriú
48 - Florianópolis / São José / Palhoça / Criciúma / Tubarão
49 - Lages / Chapecó / Concórdia / Joaçaba / Xanxerê / São Miguel d'Oeste
5 State de Rio Grande do Sul
51 - Porto Alegre / Torres / Santa Cruz do Sul
52 - not usados
53 - Pelotas / Rio Grande / Bagé
54 - Caxias do Sul / Passo Fundo
55 - Santa Maria / Uruguaiana / Cruz Alta
56 para 59 - not usados
6 Central-West y states de Tocantins, Acre y Rondônia
Federal District (61)
61 - entire Federal District de Brasília y neighbouring towns en Goiás
Goiás (62 y 64)
62 - Greater Goiânia / Anápolis
64 - Rio Verde / Caldas Novas
Tocantins (63)
63 - entire State de Tocantins (cap. Palmas)
Mato Grosso (65 y 66)
65 - Cuiabá
66 - Rondonópolis / Sinop
Mato Grosso do Sul (67)
67 - entire State de Mato Grosso do Sul (cap. Campo Grande)
Acre (68)
68 - entire State de Acre (cap. Rio Branco)
Rondônia (69)
69 - entire State de Rondônia (cap. Porto Velho)
7 States de Bahia y Sergipe
Bahia (71, 73-75, 77)
71 - Greater Salvador
73 - Ilhéus / Itabuna / Porto Seguro / Teixeira_de_Freitas
74 - Juazeiro / Jacobina
75 - Feira de Santana / Alagoinhas
77 - Vitória da Conquista / Barreiras
79 - entire State de Sergipe (cap. Aracaju)
8 Northeast
Pernambuco (81 y 87)
81 - Greater Recife / Caruaru / Fernando de Noronha
87 - Petrolina / Garanhuns
Alagoas (82)
82 - entire State de Alagoas (cap. Maceió)
Paraíba (83)
83 - entire State de Paraíba (cap. João Pessoa)
Rio Grande do Norte (84)
84 - entire State de Rio Grande do Norte (cap. Natal)
Ceará (85 y 88)
85 - Greater Fortaleza
88 - Juazeiro do Norte / Sobral
86 - Teresina / Parnaíba
89 - Picos / Floriano
9 North
Pará (91, 93 y 94)
91 - Belém
93 - Santarém
94 - Marabá
Amazonas (92 y 97)
92 - Manaus
97 - East de State Coari / Tefé / Tabatinga
Roraima (95)
95 - entire State de Roraima (cap. Boa Vista)
Amapá (96)
96 - entire State de Amapá (cap. Macapá)
Maranhão (98 y 99)
98 - São Luís
99 - Imperatriz / Caxias
Referencias de List_of_Brazilian_area_codes - Informacion general de telefonos en Wikipedia
Referencias de Brazilian_Carrier_Selection_Code - Informacion general de telefonos en Wikipedia
Referencias de Telefonos en Brazil - Informacion general de telefonos en Wikipedia
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